This is where I try to answer the most common questions that my brothers and sisters who follow Yahweh (as I do) might have.

Why are you such an as*hole?

I don't know.  I try to follow Yeshua's teachings about having love for each other, but I can't get past how so many of my brothers and sisters make such stupid life choices.  Or "good church-going Christians" who rationalize their evil actions, and then beg forgiveness--over and over--again and again.  Then they consider themselves to be "saved" and "washed clean" every Sunday.  (I can't speak for God, but I doubt that it works like that.  Those people may have an unpleasant surprise coming).  I like everybody that I meet initially--but very quickly I generally find that people have serious character flaws about 99% of the time.  I have to constantly remind myself that "Yeshua loves this son-of-a-bitch".  I was street cop--working the night shift--for 20 years.  Perhaps I saw one too many wife-beaters or child-abusers or instances of sexual abuse and horrible perversions to have a better opinion of humanity.  So I don't pretend to be something that I'm not.  I drink, I cuss, and I speak harshly.  I sometimes use humor to deal with feelings that make me cringe.  No apologies.  Deal with it.  I don't blaspheme and I try to honor Yahweh every day.  I treasure the Torah, I try to keep all the commandments (Leviticus lists a lot of them), I study everything that I can get my hands on (especially archaeology and DNA science--with His guidance) (the veil is being lifted) and I read the Bible.  He is whom I try to please--not people.  If you think that I'm "unpleasant"-- just wait until the Lion of Judah gets here.  The gloves will be off.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  And He is coming soon.

What qualifies you to have an opinion about these things?

You mean like college degrees?  They are meaningless.  I was a "lukewarm Christian" for over 50 years, and always searching for "The Truth"--but it always eluded me.  So I lived a life where "Honor" was my primary objective (I was serving a false god, but I didn't realize it at the time) and making money was my secondary objective (another false god).  Then my wife (after 30 years of marriage--she was my soulmate--every day was a good one) died unexpectedly in her 50's and I fell apart.  I was angry for her and angry for me.  I cursed God--a lot, for a long time.  I'm very ashamed of that.  I got on with life alone for several years.  Then, out of the blue, one day in 2016 He spoke to me.  It wasn't with words--it was like an overwhelming thought.  Just a short message, but it was totally unmistakable who it was from and what I was supposed to do.  There was no room for interpretation--as there might be if it was a "word message".  He said "You'd better read your Bible".  That was it.  It was late morning, I was totally alone, there was no alcohol or drug involvement--I couldn't believe it, but it happened.  I have never believed in stuff like this happening.  But I'm smart enough to pay attention if God speaks to me.  I did what He said, and everything suddenly became clear--where it hadn't been before.  I had "understanding" (is the best way I can put it) that was not there before.  He turned my life completely around. I am a different person since that day.  As far as college degrees go, though, I have a bachelors degree in accounting, and an MBA (masters degree in business administration).  After retiring from police work, I worked as a banker for JP MorganChase for a number of years.  I also worked for another financial institution as auditor, senior accountant and later as financial analyst.  I am truly an unlikely candidate for being a man that Yahweh would ever to speak to.  But isn't that just how He operates?

Do you provide customer service?

No--but I'll bet that your Mama does.

(Sorry--I couldn't resist)